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Please note that the following texts have been translated from the German language and are for your information only. Only the original German texts are legally binding!

Relefant ordering process

Relefant offers you a simple and smooth process for ordering your desired membership and other products.

1. Registration

The first time you visit the Relefant application via the app or the web app, you will be asked to register. When you register, you provide us with your name and e-mail address. After registering, you will be given access to the various Relefant application memberships, from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

2. Product Active membership:

Active membership gives you access to the Relefant application, where you can actively record and organize your personal memories and, if you wish, share them in part or in full with people close to you.

2.1 Free membership

As soon as you register with Relefant, you automatically acquire free membership of the "Freemium" trial version. It allows you to enter up to 15 reminders for a trial period of 24 months, with a maximum total file volume of 0.5 gigabytes. By using the free "Freemium" membership, you do not enter into any obligation to purchase paid memberships. You are free to decide whether you like the Relefant application or not.

2.2 Paid active membership

If you like the Relefant application and would like to record more than 15 personal reminders, with more than 0.5 GB storage volume, you can take out a paid membership at any time.

To take out an active membership, log in to the Relefant WebApp. There, under SETTINGS and MEMBERSHIP, you can find out about the active memberships in detail and select the one that suits you best. You can choose between a small ("Bronze"), a medium ("Silver") and a large ("Gold") membership, which differ from each other as follows:

We have set up medium storage volumes of photos, videos, audio recordings and texts. Assuming these storage volumes and the set compression rate, the Bronze active membership with 5 GB storage volume allows you to store an average of around 1 hour of video, 5 hours of audio, 340 photos and an unlimited amount of text.

For the Silver active membership with 50 GB storage volume, the same assumptions result in an average of around 15 hours of video, 25 hours of audio, 700 photos and an unlimited amount of text.

For the Gold active membership with a storage volume of 50 GB, the same assumptions result in an average of around 46 hours of video, 50 hours of audio, 1,800 photos and an unlimited amount of text.

The standard term of a paid active membership is 12 months. The prices for the 12-month terms are quoted as annual prices. When ordering, the annual amount of the first full term of the first full term will be debited at the beginning of the term. For information purposes only, the annual prices are also shown in twelve twelfths as monthly prices for better comparability. You can also book membership on a monthly basis, but at a higher monthly price compared to annual membership.

An active annual membership is automatically extended by a further year after expiry, an active monthly membership by a further month if you do not cancel your membership at least one month before the end of the respective period. You can cancel your annual membership at any time during the renewal period; this is your legal right. The fees paid will be refunded to you on a pro rata basis.

 2.3 Paid passive membership

If you do not wish to extend your active membership and do not wish to enter any further personal reminders, cancel the active membership you have booked in good time before the end of the booked period. After the end of the annual or monthly membership, we will give you a six-month retention period for your reminders, during which you can view your reminders without restriction, but without adding any further reminders. During this six-month waiting period at the latest, you can decide whether you would like to take out passive membership immediately after active membership. Directly following passive membership gives you permanent access to your reminders, which you can also share in full or in part with people of your choice.

You make the decision to join a passive membership by the end of your active membership at the latest.

To take out an active membership, log in to the Relefant WebApp. There, under SETTINGS and MEMBERSHIP, you can find detailed information about active memberships and select the one that suits you best. You can choose between a small ("Bronze"), a medium ("Silver") and a large ("Gold") membership.

2.4 Mitgliedschaft als Geschenk für dritte Personen

Wahlweise können Sie eine Mitgliedschaft auch an eine Person Ihrer Wahl verschenken. Hierzu gehen Sie in unseren online-Shop und wählen dort die gewünschten Mitgliedschaften aus. Diese wird als Gutschein-Code in einer E-mail an Sie geschickt, die Sie an den Empfänger weitergeben können. Bei Eingabe des in die Relefant-Anwendung wird die Mitgliedschaft für den Anwender freigeschaltet. Alternativ wird der Gutschein-Code zusammen mit einer gelaserten Glas-Kubus und einer Geschenkbox geliefert, entweder an Sie selbst oder an die von Ihnen benannte Person.

3. Product selection

On the order page, which you can access via the homepage, click on the "Continue" button to select the paid active and/or passive membership of your choice that you would like to order. It is not possible to order via the app.

You add the items you have selected to the virtual shopping cart by clicking the "Add to cart" button.

4. Provision of information

After you have selected the membership and, if applicable, other products, such as the gift box, you will be asked on the order page to enter and confirm the information required for invoicing in the form displayed, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. IMPORTANT: do not enter a different e-mail address for the order than the one you entered during registration. Only by using the same email address when registering and when ordering can we ensure that, firstly, your data from the free freemium phase can be transferred and, secondly, that we can recognize you as an already registered user.

5. Payment methods

Relefant offers you three different payment options for purchasing memberships on the web app: SEPA direct debit, payment by PayPal or by credit card. Simply select your preferred payment method that is most convenient for you.

The same payment options are offered to you when purchasing products such as the gift box in our online store.

6. Confirmation and verification

After selecting the desired membership or goods from the online store and entering your details, you will receive a complete overview of your selection before you place your order in the next step.

Check all the information you have entered and the selected products and their prices again on the overview page, which you can change and view at any time.

7. Completion of the order

Once you have checked all the information and are satisfied with your selection, complete the order by clicking on the "Order with obligation to pay" button. By doing so, you are submitting a binding request to purchase the goods in your shopping cart.

By registering with Relefant, you have already accepted Relefant's General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Use, which form the basis for your order. A new confirmation is therefore no longer required for the chargeable order.

8. Order confirmation

After completing your order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation from us by e-mail containing all the relevant information about your order. You can print this out using the "Print" function on your device or application. This automatic confirmation of receipt documents that we have received your order.

The purchase contract is concluded by our order confirmation, which we will send you by separate e-mail. Here we will send you the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Contract again, as well as the invoice for your order, which is also our order confirmation.

All documents and e-mails are stored in compliance with data protection regulations for the purpose of providing evidence of proper order processing.

The contract is concluded in German.

9. Shipping and delivery

Online membership orders are not associated with physical shipping.

If you order a gift box from the Relefant online store, we will process your order and send you the ordered goods. You will receive a shipping notification from us with a tracking number so that you can check the status of the delivery.